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Confidence is hugely important when you’re on the pitch. It allows you to make braver decisions, it helps increase problem-solving speed and players tend to set more ambitious goals for themselves as a result.

Here’s how to help you/your child build their confidence on the pitch:

Create your own goals

It’s very easy to start comparing yourself to others and fabricating their expectations of you. Often they’re in the same boat as you.

Instead, write down your personal goals such as mastering a skill, improving a certain technique, achieving something on the pitch. When you set a goal, you start creating a plan in your mind in how to achieve it and success/improvement becomes more obvious to you.

Work on your weaknesses

If there’s something that you struggle with, individual training can really help overcome this and make you feel more prepared on the pitch. We created XtraTime to help players develop skills and become better players (link in bio for more info)

Create a pre-game/trial routine

Many players use a ritual before games or trials to help calm their nerves. This could be listening to a certain song, repeating a mantra to yourself or even something simple like wearing something lucky.

Create a positive mindset

Visualise winning that game, making that perfect tackle or scoring that goal. Going into a game with an outcome in mind can really help.

Our Development Centres are perfect for players wanting to get into football and build their confidence at their own pace. Read more here.

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