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Buying football boots can be a bit of a nightmare. There are so many different types, price ranges, and jargon involved that it can leave you with a bit of a headache. Here’s our advice to make sure you get the best shoes for your child.

Set a budget

We suggest somewhere between £50 and £100 but remember that they’re a growing child so only pay what you’re comfortable with as you’ll likely need to buy some every year.

Think about what surface they’ll be playing on

Ensure that the boots you buy are right for the surface they’ll be training and playing games on, failing to do so could cause injuries because of the different studs. At M.R.F.A. we mainly play on artificial and astro pitches.

Pick a material

There are three main types of shoes, leather, synthetic and knitted. All have different benefits and have a different effect on the cost. We personally find that synthetic boots are better all-rounders.

Make sure they’re comfortable

The most comfortable football boots will always offer a stable and secure lockdown of the foot, but they also shouldn’t feel too tight and restrictive. We suggest going to the shops and trying them before buying.

Consider your position and playing style

Football boots these days are now designed with innovative features designed to enhance your child’s particular attributes.

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