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Here are our top tips on how to strengthen your weaker foot.

Ball against the wall

If you go to a wall every day and spend just 20 minutes of your day working on improving your weak foot, you will improve drastically in the space of a month.

Play against younger siblings with weaker foot

By playing with children by only using your weaker foot, you are building a habit of using that foot in a way that you would in a proper match, while also improving ball handling overall which is a very important aspect to look at.

Have a ball with you at home

Dribbling a ball whenever moving at home will really help, whether it’s a tennis ball or a proper ball. You can even practice while sitting by passing from your left foot to your right foot.

Train your brain

Your weaker foot is years behind, repetition is key and will develop muscle memory the more times you can repeat an exercise the better that action will be!

Look at your technique

It will make a huge difference if you can hit the ball right every single time, even without as much power on your weaker foot. Improving starts with knowing what you’re doing wrong. Film yourself using the weaker foot and analyse what you do differently compared to your stronger foot. Once you know, it’s a case of matching your stronger foot.

Be patient. Improving your technique just like everything else mentioned in this guide will take a lot of time, but if you work on it every day, you will start to see a huge improvement after around a month of work, if not earlier.

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