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inspired by the lionesses?

Looking to channel your inner Lioness and take your football journey to the next level? Why not consider joining or continuing with one of our Girls' Only Development Centres, where opportunities for growth and success abound!🦁

Heading our Girls' Football program is Sarah Smith, a former West Ham Women's Academy coach with a wealth of experience and dedication to the development of young female footballers. Since our launch in November 2019, Sarah has spearheaded the evolution of our Girls' programme, creating a supportive and inclusive environment where girls can excel and thrive in the world of football.

Our Girls' Only Development Centres have already seen remarkable success, with achievements that speak volumes about the quality and dedication of our coaching staff and the commitment of our players. Here are just a few highlights of the success we've celebrated this far 👇🏼

⭐ Over the past year, 30 girls have been signed or trialled for professional clubs, with opportunities arising in prestigious programs such as the England Talent Pathway, Arsenal, West Ham, Ipswich, and Cambridge United

⭐ We take immense pride in our partnership with our sister club FC Evolution, where 60 girls are registered across our four teams, providing a platform for young talents to flourish and showcase their skills.

⭐ Our coaching staff members are FA/UEFA qualified, bringing with them a wealth of experience from professional club backgrounds.

⭐ To further enhance the experience for our players, we organise fixtures against other girls' grassroots clubs, promoting competition, teamwork, and growth on the field

⭐ n our commitment to individualised development, we conduct bi-yearly performance reviews to ensure that each and every one of our girls is maximising their potential and deriving the utmost value from every session.

Join us at our Girls' Only Development Centres, where the spirit of the Lionessess' drives us to empower and inspire the next generation of female footballing talent. Experience a supportive and dynamic environment that nurtures growth, fosters success, and celebrates the journey of every player as they reach new heights in the beautiful game of football.

Hear something you like? Here's where you can find us 👋🏼

📍Great Dunmow Leisure Centre

⏰ Tuesdays 6-7pm

📍Chelmsford County High School for Girls

⏰ Tuesdays 6-7pm

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