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Interview with A...part two

Welcome to Part 2 of our 'Interview With A...' series!

This week, we spoke to Woking FC defender and M.R.F.A. Academy Manager, Scott Cuthbert. Scott told us all about how yoga and pilates has been incorporated into his training schedule and the impact it's had on his performance on and off the pitch.

Football clubs are beginning to introduce yoga and pilates as a recovery tool to help players recover quicker and better for training or future matches. Yoga and pilates was promoted to Woking FC players as a compulsory session that all players have to do during their free time.

We asked coach Scott a few questions on what some of the benefits are that he has seen since starting yoga and pilates!

Why did Woking FC start including yoga into their training?

The club introduced yoga and pilates as a recovery tool to help players recover quicker/better for either training or next match. The sessions were made compulsory, with a private tutor offering sessions during the players free time.

What was your experience of yoga and pilates?

My flexibility improved greatly in only a short space of time. I felt the stiffness and fatigue in my body after a game disappeared quicker after my yoga and pilates. It would help me switch off my emotions from the game, which, as we know, can take time to come down from!

How has yoga and pilates optimised your performance on the pitch?

Pilates has had a real a positive impact on my performances, making my core and lower back a lot stronger, which I had a lot of issues with throughout my career.

What would your advice be to our young players who might consider incorporating yoga and pilates into their free time?

I would highly recommend incorporating yoga to any young aspiring player! Not even just for the recovery/flexibility, but to create good habits that will continue as the players get older (and need yoga more!).

Also, don't under estimate the huge benefit yoga has for having calm/reflective time between school, homework and football.

Thank you, Scott, for sharing your insights with us! It is interesting to hear how clubs are adapting their training to add different ways of developing players, which isn't directly a football activity!

Did you know that M.R.F.A. is lucky enough to have a qualified yoga teacher in our team, Sally Pasquale, our Head of Education! Sally has been working with our team to up-skill them on their yoga knowledge and even getting our coaches to take part in some poses!

Watch out for our next interview - we'll be chatting to Assistant M.R.F.A. Coach and semi-pro player, Harvey Farmer, on tips for players to balancing their school work/studies alongside playing.

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