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M.R.F.A. U10s vs Dunmow United

A selection of U10s from our Dunmow Development Centre recently took part in a friendly against Dunmow United. The players put in a fantastic performance which resulted in a convincing win.

Before kick off, the squad spoke about the style of football we like to play at M.R.F.A. and the minimum expectations required of the players, which everyone took on board and a couple of early goals showed this.

In the first half the goals kept flowing and it could have been easy for the tea, to drop their standards, however, all players kept pressing hard to win the ball back when they lost it and always trying to be an option for their teammates.

We played a lot of direct forward attacking football which saw us score a handful of goals in the first half which was complemented by a strong defensive display which saw us concede no goals.

The second half saw 5 different players take part and they picked up exactly where the team in the first half had finished, driving forward and attacking at every opportunity which again saw us score plenty of goals.

A number of goals were scored following some fantastic build up play, often starting from our goalkeeper, moving the ball out wide to our wing backs who would then find a midfielder and work our way up the pitch through passing and finding space to receive the ball again.

The wing backs had a hard task of supporting the forwards when we were attacking but also working hard to recover and support our Centre Backs when defending but did so very well.

Dunmow United put up a hard fight and carried on until the end, resulting in them scoring a well-deserved consolation goal, ending our hopes of securing a clean sheet. All in all, it was a fantastic performance from M.R.F.A. which saw us score plenty of goals and achieved this by playing attacking creative football.

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