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Becoming a professional is all about creating great habits, here’s our top 3 you can do.

Get a good sleeping pattern

Ronaldo goes to bed early and wakes up early aiming for a minimum of 8 hours. That allows his muscles to recover, which he says is very important for him.

Athletes with poor quality of sleep have slower reaction times, worse physical performance, lower moods, and an increased risk of illness and injury. So if you want to go pro, ditch the late-night Netflix and video games and get some sleep.

Consistency in training

Players like Harry Kane recommend training little and often rather than training hard in short spurts.

Things like footwork and shooting, that you can work on every day, but things that exhaust your muscles such as workouts in the gym or intense sprinting sessions, do them, but also listen to your body and take a break on them if you feel like you need to.

Meditate and look after mental health

This is something that isn’t talked about in football enough yet. Everyone assumes that football players live these perfect lives, and that’s often not the case.

We find that our players often have stresses in their life due to exams or things happening in their personal lives. This can cause players to bring anger to the pitch, lose confidence or focus on the game.

Using tools like Headspace can clear the mind, create happier and more focused players!

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