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why are friendly fixtures so important?

Over the past few months we have hosted a selection of friendly matches against local grassroots teams at our Development Centres.

At M.R.F.A. we believe it's important to provide these opportunities to our players, here's why 👇🏼

Application of Skills

Our training sessions provide the foundation for skills development, but match experience is where players get to apply those skills in a competitive environment. By playing games our players have an opportunity to showcase their technical abilities, decision-making skills and game understanding in a safe environment. The practical application is key to solidifying skills they've learnt and gaining confidence on the pitch. It also allows our own coaches to see how the players have taken our curriculum over the previous weeks and to support when it comes to their player review.

Tactical Awareness

In a match scenario, players are required to adapt to different situations, read the game, and make quick decisions. Match experience exposes players to various tactical challenges and game situations, allowing them to enhance their tactical awareness and game understanding. The firsthand experience helps players develop a strategic mindset and the ability to execute game plans effectively.

Emotional Resilience

Matches can be emotionally charged environments where pressure, excitement and disappointment come into play. Youth players who regularly compete in matches learn to manage their emotions, stay focused under pressure, and handle both success and failure within resilience. These emotional skills are crucial for personal growth and long-term success in football and beyond.

Competitive Edge

Competing in matches exposes players to different playing styles, opponents of varying abilities and challenging situations that push them out of their comfort zones. This exposure to competition helps young players to develop a competitive mentality, a desire to win, and a drive to continuously improve their performance.

Team Dynamics

Matches are where individual talents come together to form a cohesive team. Youth players participating in matches, learn to understand the importance of teamwork in achieving collective success. Match experience fosters a sense of camaraderie, unity and mutual support among players, laying the foundations for strong team dynamics.

If you would like to know more about our Development Centres, then get in touch with our Development Centre Assistant Manager, 

**PS Keep an eye for some exciting news about our centres coming very soon! Stay tuned to socials

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