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Why should you pick us for school holiday childcare

School Holidays are a time for children to relax, have fun and explore new activities. As parents, choosing the right place for your children to spend their holidays is crucial in ensuring they have a memorable and enriching experience.

Experienced Staff

We have a friendly team of experienced and highly qualified staff, who prioritise the safety, well-being and development of every child that attends our holiday courses. We have been trusted by parents and carers for the past 9 years and are Ofsted approved.

Safe & Secure Environment

The safety and security of your children are one of our top priorities. Our state of the art facilities and equipment provide a fun filled day for all children while keeping them safe and happy!

Discounts & Childcare Vouchers

We accept childcare vouchers to cover your children attending our Holiday Courses. As well as, discounts for those who attend our Development Centres, or if you sign up with a sibling.

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